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Solar 101

Working with SunPower® by Sun Solar

At SunPower® by Sun Solar, we are confident in our ability to provide quality solar panels and operating systems at an affordable cost. We have top-tier warranties, outstanding customer service, and industry-leading design and installation team to help make your dreams of sustainable energy a reality.

Below, you will find information regarding our solar energy systems and how choosing to work with SunPower® by Sun Solar can help you reduce your utility costs. Of course, if you are still looking for information, do not hesitate to contact our company directly.

Why Choose SunPower® by Sun Solar?

Solar panels can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer or from installation company to installation company but at SunPower® by Sun Solar, we always strive to provide top-tier products and labor to our customers. We have a record for efficiency, personalized service, installation, maintenance, and repairs, and we offer a worry-free 25-year warranty on our systems.

Should I Purchase My Solar Power System?

Purchasing solar power systems can be beneficial but we understand that the large upfront cost can make some people shy away from the purchase. When you work with SunPower® by Sun Solar, we can discuss your energy needs and your long-term outlook for your home. Our experts will determine if leasing or purchasing a system is right for you.

Can I Lease a System?

Yes! Leasing a solar power system is similar to leasing a vehicle, where you are essentially renting the system for a small monthly fee. Solar leases with SunPower® by Sun Solar last 20 years and we offer buy-out programs for the end of the lease. When you choose a lease, your rates are fixed and you will not see an annual increase. Leasing can help make solar an affordable option for your home or business.

How Much Can I Actually Save?

Your savings will vary depending on the size of your home or office, your energy needs, and utility company, however, many people see a significant decrease in utility costs and businesses have reported a lower operating cost per month. To get an evaluation of your home’s needs, call SunPower® by Sun Solar at (661) 262-8493.

What is a Solar Loan?

Solar Loans are a great way to purchase a system and make a fixed, low APR payment toward the system each month. At SunPower® by Sun Solar, we offer in-house financing options for individuals looking to obtain an upfront purchase of a solar power system and we work with you to discuss your energy needs. If you ever sell your home or business the loan can transfer to the next owner, increasing the overall value of the property.

Can I Sell My Home with a Leased System?

Yes! Solar power systems can increase the overall value of your home and transferring the lease is an easy process called “assignment” of a lease. Many people that are interested in a home with solar panels will see the advantage that the system can have on their lowered costs and it could be a selling factor in potential homebuyers.

Do You Have a Production Guarantee?

Our guarantee for all production pieces is at least 20 years. This means that your system will continue to produce an effective kilowatt hours range for the entire life of the guarantee. Our company will monitor your system and provide statements of your output on a regular basis. If the estimate is wrong, we will reimburse you the cost.

What is a Solar PPA?

Solar Power Purchase Agreements, or PPA, is an agreement that the homeowner will buy generated energy. These agreements are predetermined and discussed at the sale or lease of the system. This option does not give the homeowner the sale of the system, but rather an option to purchase just the energy outputted from the system itself. This can be a cost-effective plan to obtain solar energy without having to purchase or lease a system.

How Much Space Will It Take On My Roof?

At SunPower® by Sun Solar, our systems are smaller than other industry manufacturers. Your exact square footage for your system will be discussed with you based on your energy needs and available space on your roof. In the event that your energy needs change, we also offer additional panels to help adjust to your new request for energy.

When Should I Switch to Solar?

Switching to solar can be a good idea year-round, but many customers find that switching in the springtime is ideal. Summer installation could mean that you are already facing large utility costs, and by installing in the spring, you could see a reduction in utility bills or credits prior to the peak summer utility costs.

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