Helping You Harness The Sun's Power for Your Property

Why Make the Switch to Solar?

Harnessing the Sun’s Energy in Beautiful Bakersfield

Solar energy is a great way to harness the sun’s power and help keep your utility costs down. Our Bakersfield solar panel experts can help you decide what solar panels may work for your home or office, and quickly install the panels to help you start reaping the benefits of solar energy. At SunPower® by Sun Solar, we customize solar for our customer’s energy needs, the size of their home, and the available space for their panels. Solar is low maintenance and the overall cost savings can benefit you and your utility bill.

Did you know that California offers solar incentives? Cash rebates are available to homes and businesses that choose to install solar panels. Many of our customers receive federal and state rebates on their solar installation and receive rebates from their utility companies by being able to give back to the grid. Installing solar panels can also help you reduce the overall cost of your energy bill and save you money over time.

You Can Lease a Solar System

Many people can feel intimidated by the cost of installing solar panels, but SunPower® by Sun Solar proudly offers financing options to help you achieve the cost-efficient panels and lower your utility bills. Our in-house financing team can help you lease a solar system or set you up with a fixed-rate loan so that you can start seeing cost-saving benefits, right away.

SunPower® by Sun Solar offers leasing options, such as:

  • $0 down payment required
  • Fixed rates for up to 25 years
  • Low monthly payments for leases
  • Flexible end-of-lease options
  • Buy-out opportunities
  • Energy Assurance™ to help you feel assured that your system is performing, guaranteed

SunPower® by Sun Solar loan options:

  • $0 down payment required
  • Unsecured financing options
  • Long-term and short-term loans available
  • Fixed, low rates, starting at 2.99% APR (OAC*)
  • No pre-payment penalties or annual escalators

With so many options, it can be easy to start gaining control of your utility bill and lower your energy costs today!

Make Your Home Energy Efficient with SunPower® by Sun Solar

Solar is an excellent option for homes and business owners that are looking to reduce their overall carbon footprint and help protect the environment. Panels can help increase your home’s worth, and with the smaller size of SunPower®'s powerful panels, you can still have curb appeal.

When you choose to work with SunPower® by Sun Solar, we will help customize a system that is unique to your home and your energy needs. We will then install the system, maintain it, and help you stay on top of your energy needs through our unique mobile app.

If you have questions about getting a solar panel system on your home, call us at (661) 262-8493 for an estimate.

What Our Customers

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  • “This is by far the best solar company in Bakersfield.”

    Debra S.

  • “By far the cleanest installation on my block.”

    Chad N.

  • “This outfit is awesome, price, and service were the best!”

    Mark W.

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  • “My Solar experience was great from the start to the finish.”

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    Phil R.

  • “Great locally owned company.”

    Jessica G.

  • “Most experienced and professional crew, and best pricing for the best system.”

    Mattbell M.

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    Janet G.

  • “These guys have been great from start to finish from top to bottom!”

    Kirk O.

  • “Local, reliable and reasonably priced company”

    Dawn B.

  • “Can't brag highly enough about how my situation was handled by Jeff and his staff.”

    Angel S.

  • “Outstanding service and follow up”

    Philip Rosso

  • “Best in the business”

    Steven G

  • “The most comfortable quote ever”

    David Neill

Proud Central Valley Natives

Providing Pioneering Energy Solutions

Our owners, president, and vice president were themselves born and raised here in the Central Valley. Jeff Periera and Scott Ryan are proud locals who understand the needs energy needs that many residents and business owners are facing. We take great pride in helping our customers receive the industry-leading solar technology they need to lower their utility bills and have a positive environmental impact.