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The SunPower by Sun Solar App was designed to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop for all things pertaining to their SunPower Solar system.

  1. You can login to your SunPower Monitoring Portal to review your system production any time you'd like.
  2. You can submit a service request or inquiry directly from your customer portal 24/7.
  3. You can share with friends, track their progress, and earn extra cash with our awesome SunPower by Sun Solar Referral App.

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Search “SunPower by Sun Solar” in the App Store of your choice & Download the FREE SunPower by Sun Solar APP.




Use the SunPower by Sun Solar App to share solar savings with friends, track progress & earn extra money!

The SunPower by Sun Solar App is a great way to earn rewards simply by sharing solar with your friends, family & neighbors. With our new APP, you can submit your referrals with the click of a button by selecting interested home owners from your list of phone contacts. You can also enter them individually if needed...maybe at your next summer pool party when Uncle Bob asks about your beautiful SunPower solar panels. You can use your customer APP to show him what your solar panels are producing in the monitoring portal, and then submit his information through the APP so he can find out what his solar savings will be. Uncle Bob will be happy when we help eliminate his electric bill, you will be excited to get a $500 check when his SunPower by Sun Solar System is installed, and we will be grateful for the opportunity to welcome him into the Sun Solar family! Everyone wins!

With more and more homeowners going solar, and immediate savings opportunities that make going solar a no-brainer, you'd be surprised to find out how many of your friends, family and neighbors are already getting solar bids. Don't miss the opportunity to earn money simply by introducing them to us. We promise to provide the same great customer service to your friends as we would to ours.

*Bonuses are paid for referrals that sign a contract with SunPower by Sun Solar and will be paid after their SunPower by Sun Solar system is installed.