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Sun Solar Thanks A.Skate Bakersfield


Sun Solar joined local community volunteers to support the A.Skate Clinic here in Bakersfield this weekend. It was an amazing day of skating, pizza, new friends and smiles, as over 100 people came together.

A. Skate is an incredible foundation, working with children from 3 years old to adulthood, to provide one on one skate lessons for persons with autism. While fun for participants, it’s far more than a “day of skating.” The clinics are organized in an environment that is appropriate to their sensory needs in order to learn. Skateboarding is a fun way for participants to work on skills similar to those exercised in Occupational Therapy, without them even realizing it. Community volunteers come together at events across the country to make A.Skate clinics possible. We want to thank the clinic organizers for bringing A.Skate to Bakersfield and allowing us to be part of it!!

About A.Skate

The A.skate Foundation is an organization that allows children with autism to be a part of our social world through skateboarding.  We hold clinics for children with autism at no cost to the families, give grants to children with autism for skateboard gear, as well as promote awareness and educate families about the skateboard industry.  Five years ago 1:150 children were diagnosed with autism. Today 1:68 children are diagnosed with autism.

Here are a few of the things that we do:

  • hold clinics nationwide for children with autism at no cost to the families
  • give “Grants for Gear” for kids to purchase skateboard gear
  • hold fundraisers and events to promote our cause

 Autism, like skateboarding, can be unpredictable and often times unruly. We embrace the parts of autism that are hard to understand and give these kids an outlet that is free of rules or judgment, and allows them to be social without being “social”. Visit for more information, or like them on Facebook to track upcoming events in your area. 

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