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Why go Solar in Bakersfield?


As Bakersfield and Kern County residents we experience hotter and longer Summers than most of California. When the summer sun beats down on our communities, and temperatures rise into the triple digits, we turn to our air conditioners and pools for relief. But even while enjoying the nice cool air or a refreshing dip, we know in the back of our minds that we will quite literally have to pay the price when the PG&E bill arrives. Electricity, after all, is not free. Or is it?

Why not put all of that sunshine to work for you? Solar panels harness the power of the sun and turn it into clean and renewable electricity. Every kilowatt you produce with your own personal solar power plant is one less kilowatt you have to purchase at ever-increasing rates from PG&E. The potential for savings is enormous, and many Bakersfield and Kern County residents find that it just plain makes sense to go solar. Whether you’re concerned about the environment or simply looking to have more money in your pocket every month, now is the time to consider going solar.

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