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The SunPower Advantage

SunPower Advantage

SunPower® Complete Confidence

A better warranty starts with a better product.

25 years

    •      • Panels

    •     • Microinverters

    •     • Racking

10 years

    •     • Monitoring hardware

      *Smartphone and laptop not included.

      Every part of your SunPower Equinox™ system is meticulously designed to work

      perfectly together, and rigorously tested for long-term reliability. That’s

      why the SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty is the only warranty to cover

      your whole system (not just the panels).

      Complete System

      SunPower stands behind your entire system—including power production.

      That way you never have to wonder which company you can depend on.

      One company

        •      • The only company that stands behind your entire system.

      Easy process

        •      • No need for receipts, proof of purchase or written claims.

      Most comprehensive coverage

        •      • 25 years—system on your roof.

        •      • 10 years—monitoring technology.

      Product and Power

        •      • Full coverage for quality of product and solar power produced.

      Complete Service

      If you experience issues with your system within 25 years of purchase

      (10 years for monitoring), SunPower will repair or replace the defective part for free.

      Easy to reach

        •      • SunPower by Sun Solar is your local SunPower Master Dealer.

        • We’re always just a call away: 1-800-SOLAR-POWER

      Covers 100% of repair or replacement costs

        •      • Labor, shipping, parts—we take care of everything.

          Conventional System

          Each part is made and warranted by a different manufacturer.



          Pitfalls of conventional solar warranties

            •      • You pay to ship new panels

            •      • You pay to package and ship defective panels

            •      • You must present original physical proof of purchase

            •      • You must make claims in writing

            •      • You have a short time frame to make a claim

            •      • You pay the manufacturer a testing fee if they don’t find a defect

          SunPower System

          One company covers everything.

          *Smartphone and laptop not included.


           SunPower®  Complete  Confidence

           Conventional Solar  Warranties*


           Solar Warranty

           Panasonic Solar  Warranty

          Product Quality 


           25 Years

           10 Years

           12 Years, 25 Years

           12 Years, 25 Years††


           25 Years


           (separate inverter manufacturer  warranty)


           (separate inverter manufacturer warranty)


           (separate inverter manufacturer  warranty)


           25 Years


           (separate racking manufacturer warranty)


           (separate racking  manufacturer warranty)


           (separate racking manufacturer  warranty)

          Monitoring Technology 

           10 Years


           (separate monitoring manufacturer  warranty)


           (separate monitoring  manufacturer warranty)


           (separate monitoring  manufacturer warranty)

          Power Production 

          Power Warranty 





          Included Servicing / Labor 

          Shipping – new part 



           Panel Only


          Shipping – old part 










          Warranty Terms to Note 

           • Excludes direct contact with bodies of salt water (beachside acceptable)

          * Representative of standard efficiency solar manufacturers such as Trina, YingLi and Canadian Solar. Competitor warranty information provided from latest warranty documents, as of 2017.

          ** Shipping covered by some conventional warranties.

           † 25 years only on LG Neon R panels.

          • Excludes salt and rust damage

           • Excludes transport and packaging

           • Customer pays if no fault is found by LG

          • Original sales receipt required

          †† 25 years only if system registered within 90 days and installed by select authorized Panasonic dealers.

           • Excludes rust damage, transport damage, and damage by “external stress and strain”

           • Panels must remain on the original roof

           •Subtract 5% of power in favor of Panasonic

           •Claims require original paper guarantee and invoice

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