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Home Solar Panel Maintenance is Easy


Solar panels make more energy by maximizing the amount of sunlight collected.  When panels are covered by  dust or debris, they may not produce as much electricity.

SunPower Equinox home solar systems are more efficient, producing more energy even when they’re dirty or in the shade.

Our home solar systems don’t need much upkeep. Seasonal rains can wash off dirt, pollen, dust and other debris.  If you reside in a dry, windy, location or there are trees nearby, your solar panels will need cleaning once in a while.

When the days begin to get longer in the spring, it’s important to give your panels a regular cleaning, to help your panels make more energy during peak production times.

How to Clean Solar Panels

Your panels may be ready for a cleaning when they no longer have a glassy or shiny look. For panels that are not visible from the ground, use your home solar monitoring app to check  if the energy production has dropped.

For those who like home maintenance projects, you can carefully spray your solar panels with a hose and wipe them with a soft-bristled long-handled brush.  Only do this if you can safely reach the panels and if they’re cool, either early morning or in the evening. Use cool water to avoid damaging the glass surface.

SunPower solar panels are extremely strong and durable, but don’t walk on them. For panels that are not accessible there are many affordable solar panel cleaning professionals. Some window cleaning services now also feature solar panel cleaning. 

Finding a Solar Panel Cleaner

Reach out to us for help in finding a local solar panel cleaning service. 

Or there are plenty of online clearinghouses like Thumbtack where you can find a quick solar panel cleaning cost estimate. Search with filters based on the size of your home and the number of panels that you need cleaned.

Check out the customer reviews there too.

Other than an occasional cleaning, your solar panels do not require additional maintenance.  It should take a professional about an hour to clean an average size one-story home. Then you can rest assured that your home solar system will generate its guaranteed amount of energy to lower or eliminate your electricity bill.

For more information, call us at (661) 535-0795. If you don’t have solar yet, fill out our online contact us form for a free solar estimate.

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