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Why Battery Backup Storage


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According to Solar Energies Association (SEIA), a new solar system was installed every 75 seconds in 2020. Currently, 18.6 million homes use solar power, which is around 3% of the country’s total energy usage. This is a huge step up from previous years.

Over the course of the next 4 to 5 years, we can estimate that we will see an increase of at least 10-15% of homes going solar.

Battery backups with solar systems are currently on the rise with the increase of natural disasters. Homeowners have become more and more interested in what a battery backup can do for them in situations like these, especially in California. Homeowners want their power to be accessible during possible power outages.

Why a battery for your backup storage system?

A battery backup will give homeowners extra security. Batteries will run on the excess energy your solar panels produce or energy from the grid.

Storing this back up energy can prepare homeowners for complete outages. Based off your energy needs, you may select what you need as a homeowner to be kept on in case of emergency. For example, you can choose to keep your refrigerator running, keep the lights on, or even medical equipment.

With solar and backup battery storage, you will feel more secure with owning your energy and storage for your home. Protect you and your family during unanticipated conditions.

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