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Find the Best Solar Panels for Your Home Featuring SunPower Panels

SunSolar Best products

Finding the perfect solar system can become overwhelming when the market is saturated with plenty of brands and models to choose from. Below, we will focus on SunPower's best rated models to help you determine what will best suit your home.

The ideal solar panel is going to vary from homeowner to homeowner based on their budget, energy goals, roof, and more.

While they are many SunPower series to choose from, the models shown in this article are a great fit for the different categories below.

Of course, determining your solar needs is a lot easier with the guidance of an experienced SunPower Solar Advisor. Connect with one here. Online appointments available!

Best Solar Panels Made Overseas by Us-Based Companies

For some homeowners, finding American made solar panels is a priority. While there are several fantastic solar makers headquartered in the US, finding panels that are truly made in America can be tricky.

That’s because there are American companies that manufacture overseas, and overseas companies that manufacture in America. And then there are companies that manufacture some panels in the US and others abroad.

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Best Solar Panels for Degradation

Solar panels slowly lose efficiency over time through a process called degradation. This is a substantial concern to some homeowners curious about going solar.

However, the industry has been pleasantly surprised by the longevity of the solar panels manufactured decades ago, and the technology has only gotten better.

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Best Solar Panels for Efficiency

Another important solar panel feature is efficiency rating, or how much sunlight a panel converts into electricity.

Residential solar panels typically range between 15% and 20%, with the industry leading panels pushing 23%.

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Best Solar Panel Warranties

Solar panels are a substantial investment that take time to pay themselves off. One of the things that makes going solar a safe bet is manufacturer’s warranties that guarantee performance well beyond the break-even mark.

The SunPower® Complete Confidence Warranty is the only home solar warranty to cover your whole system (not just the panels), so you never have to wonder which company you can depend on. Click here to learn more.

Benefits of Our Complete Confidence Warranty:

  • Complete system warranty: SunPower covers 100% of repair or replacement costs, while conventional solar warranties don't. Labor, shipping, parts - we've got your covered for 25 years. Plus we guarantee that your panels won't lose more than 8% of their original DC power output in 25 years. Compare that to 19% for conventional solar.
    • Note: 10-year product warranty term for monitoring hardware.
  • Superior Service: Power, product, and service, we've got you covered. SunPower is the only company that stands behind your entire system, not just the panels. We also:
    • Provide repair or replacement at no additional cost; includes labor and shipping
    • Don't require receipts, proof of purchase or written claims
    • Cover rust damage, such as in seaside installations
    • Treat the system as a whole

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the best solar panel for home varies from homeowner to homeowner. What matters is that a certified installer examines your specific needs and designs a system to meet them.

Unfortunately, there are fly-by-night solar companies that offer one-size-fits-all solutions for every home. was created to bring transparency into the solar market and connect homeowners with trusted installers.

If you’re ready to go solar and want to receive a free precise quote, contact us today at (661) 535-0795 or click here and set up an appointment today with one of our solar educators.

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