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Going Solar, Affordably!

Financing options

Reduce your carbon footprint, increase the value of your home, and save money on energy costs with various options that best fit your needs.

To Lease Or Own?

If you’re ready to go solar but don’t have the cash, we offer several different loan and lease packages so you can start saving money today!

Sun Solar’s in-house financing team works with our exclusive finance partners to find solutions that are as unique as our clients. We can tailor a financing program to your specific goals. Our solar energy specialists consider your particular energy needs and financial goals. Whether you’re interested in financial flexibility or maximizing your return-on-investment, SunPower by Sun Solar is the best choice when you want to go solar.

With big incentives from the federal government and the state of California, switching to solar makes more financial sense. Thanks to a generous 30% federal tax credit and cash rebates from the California Solar Initiative, the cost of your installation can be reduced by up to 40%. These programs won’t last forever, so talk to our friendly staff today to find out how much you can save.

  • State cash rebates
  • Federal tax incentives
  • Utility company rebates

Financing options

Lease Options

SunPower owns the system on your roof.

  • You pay a monthly amount to "rent" the system and use the energy you produce.
  • For many customers, their lease and remaining utility bill are lower than their previous electric bill.
  • System production is guaranteed for 25 years. If something breaks, we'll fix it.
  • When you sell your home, you can assign the lease to the new homeowner, subject to credit approval. SunPower facilitates this process.

Purchase Options

You own the system and the energy it produces.

  • You purchase your SunPower® system directly.
  • A home equity loan can be used and may be tax-deductible.
  • You can keep any solar tax credits and/or state and local incentives for which you may be eligible.*
  • Purchasing your SunPower system directly can maximize your savings. Over time, your system can pay for itself through your utility bill savings.
  • With the cost of solar panels plummeting and a 30% federal tax credit, ownership has become the preferred option for homeowners in the last decade.

Cash purchase vs utility cost graph

Loan Options

You own your solar system, and pay for it with a loan.

  • Various loan payment terms and conditions available (including optional full prepayment without penalty).
  • You can keep any solar tax credits and/or state and local incentives for which you may be eligible.*
  • For many customers, the combination of the loan payment and the remaining power bill is less than their previous electric bill.

At the end of the day, the bottom line is that while you may hear that there are high up front costs associated with going solar, financing a solar system can be flexible and be designed to meet your energy cost savings goals.

While buying a system with cash presents the greatest opportunity for return on investment, you can also use a solar loan to spread your payments overtime and start saving money sooner, rather than later.