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Why Solar Warranties Matter: Protecting Your Investment and Your Wallet

Solar Warranties - Protect Your Wallet

A main factor when shopping around for a solar system is the warranty. Why? Well, what makes solar panels so valuable is their long warranty. The leading solar manufacturers now offer a product warranty of up to 25 years, which means your power bill savings are protected for a long time.

The best solar companies may offer warranties that protect not only the panels themselves, but the installation as well. And you've guessed it, SunPower by Sun Solar provides just that.

Most big and important purchases typically come with a standard warranty that allows for a complimentary replacement within a specific time frame. In contrast, solar panels are accompanied by various types of warranties that safeguard against a range of potential problems.

SunPower by Sun Solar

Product Warranty

The product warranty provided will replace your solar panels without any charge in case of any malfunctions caused by defects in materials or workmanship. The duration of coverage may vary depending on the brand and specific product, but the solar industry typically offers a standard warranty period of at least 10 years. Leading brands such as SunPower offer the best warranties with a coverage period of 25 years.

Installation Warranty

Top solar companies provide homeowners with their own installation warranty.

  • The warranties provided by the manufacturer only offer protection against problems that are specifically related to the solar panels. These problems may include material defects, defects in workmanship, and issues related to the loss of power output.
  • The solar installation warranty provides extra coverage, safeguarding your entire photovoltaic system.
  • This pertains to matters concerning other elements, like racking and wiring.

Items Not Included in the Solar Panel Warranty

Solar warranties typically do not offer protection against damage resulting from improper use of the panels. Manufacturers of solar panels supply warranty documents that outline specific terms and conditions, which should be thoroughly reviewed.

What to Look For in a Solar Panel Warranty

When comparing solar panel warranties, it is important to consider certain factors. A reliable warranty provides peace of mind by safeguarding your solar investment and future savings. Throughout the warranty period, you can be confident that your power bills will remain low, as any faulty panels will be replaced at no cost.

The product warranty will normally replace any solar panels that fail due to material and workmanship defects. However, the labor costs associated with the replacement may not be covered. You may also find warranties that cover labor up to a specified dollar amount.

Solar manufacturer warranties will cover you against many potential issues, but keep in mind they don’t offer coverage against everything. For example, many solar panel warranties will not cover you against extreme weather and fire caused by external sources. In this case, you can look for a homeowner’s insurance policy that protects your solar panels from hazards that are not covered by their own warranty.

The limitations of solar panel warranties vary depending on the manufacturer, and you should read warranty documents carefully before choosing your solar equipment brands.

And Finally

The best solar installation companies offer their own workmanship warranty, and you may get coverage for up to 25 years. They can also help you file warranty claims with the solar equipment brands they work with. Having your solar panels installed by professionals is critical, since most brands will not offer coverage for DIY projects.

When going solar, a solid warranty makes sure you get the expected savings over time. The federal tax credit gives you back 30% of the cost of a solar panel system within a year, and a long warranty makes sure you also recover the remaining 70%.

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