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Commercial Solar Installation in Bakersfield

Superior Commercial Solar Solutions in Bakersfield, CA

Taking your commercial property solar represents a powerful commitment toward a green and sustainable future. Making the switch not only helps to drastically reduce your business’s carbon footprint but also provides significant financial benefits. By choosing to install solar panels, you effectively protect your organization from rising energy costs and achieve energy independence. The use of solar power also contributes to the reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels, thereby promoting cleaner air and a healthier environment. 

SunPower by Sun Solar can offer your business top-notch commercial solar services in Bakersfield that harness the power of the sun. Our commitment to quality and sustainability, coupled with their client-centric approach, ensures a seamless conversion to solar for businesses of all sizes and industries. Put simply, we have the best products, the best people, and the best installations. We can help your business start saving from day one and lower your monthly utility costs. Because we handle everything that goes into switching to solar – from analysis to design to physical installation – you can expect a seamless, hassle-free process that puts your organization’s needs first. 

Put the power of the sun on your commercial property today! Call (661) 535-0795 or contact us online to request a free solar evaluation and estimate. 

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What to Expect During a Commercial Solar System Installation in Bakersfield

With decades of combined experience, we understand how to carry out a smooth solar installation, no matter the scope of your commercial property. Even better, installing a commercial solar system will likely have little to no measurable impact on your business's daily operations. The transition is designed to be seamless, with the solar system integrated smoothly into the business's existing electrical infrastructure. Minor accommodations may be necessary during the installation phase, but our team will do everything we can to ensure that any disruptions are kept to a minimum.

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5-Star Solar

    My solar purchase and installation was an excellent experience.

    - Tom C.

    Excellent service from start to finish!

    - Noe M.

    I'm a repeat customer, which speaks to my complete satisfaction with SunPower.

    - Mark E.

    All the deadlines talked about for the entire process were met or exceeded.

    - Jon D.

    When I had a question they were always right there to help

    - Rudy U.

    We purchased our system 3 years ago and couldn't be happier with our choice.

    - Jessica W.

    I have been shopping around for quality panel and sunpower is my first choice

    - Dat V.

    Honest and Consistent

    - Garrett G.
Thinking About Going Solar?

When you’re ready to go solar, let the SunPower by Sun Solar family create the perfect system for you. Contact us today to learn how we can help you make one of the safest and smartest investments around.

Solar Incentives Can Expand Your Savings

Businesses in Bakersfield looking to switch to solar energy may be able to benefit from a range of federal, state, and/or local solar incentives. For example, the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows businesses to deduct up to 30% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from their federal taxes. This opportunity alone makes going solar far more affordable than it might first appear. The California Solar Initiative (CSI) also offers financial incentives for solar installations, with incentive levels varying depending on the size of your installation and your sector. Our professionals are happy to explore and help you obtain all incentives that may be available to your organization. 

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Save Money & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • Free Solar 12 Months of Solar Power

    Enjoy 365 days of free solar and low to $0 electric bills when you lease your SunPower solar system. It’s the perfect price to pay for reliable solar energy. When you go solar, you'll receive a rebate check in the amount of your first year of solar payment

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Make Your Business Part of the Solution

Energy independence and sustainability have become increasingly pivotal for local businesses in the modern world. Being energy-independent means not having to rely on traditional and often fluctuating sources of energy, which in turn ensures consistent, more predictable operational costs and reduced vulnerability to energy price hikes. Sustainability, on the other hand, speaks to a business's responsibility towards the environment and its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

Solar energy plays a crucial role in achieving these interrelated objectives. By installing a solar power system, your business can generate its own electricity, reducing dependency on grid power and insulating itself from price volatility. At the same time, solar energy is a clean, renewable source that produces no harmful emissions, directly supporting sustainability efforts and positioning your business as part of the solution for global sustainability.

Our commercial solar services in Bakersfield are backed by a 25-year complete confidence warranty, so you can trust that switching to solar is a wise investment. Call (661) 535-0795 or contact us online to request a complimentary solar analysis today!

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